Episode 123 “What is a CSA?”

March 13, 2017

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Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett  are joined again by Kira Kotilla and Mariette Sluyter of Merville Organics, to discuss CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture. You may have heard of these programs, where fresh produce shows up at your house weekly through the growing season. What you may not know is how beneficial these programs are to local farms – new or established, small or large, nearly every farm benefits from such programs. You can see it as pre-paying for the best quality locally grown food at it’s peak, and the farm your supporting sees it as micro-financing and sustainable crop management. Listen in to hear more about this engaging topic…





Episode 102 “Comox Valley Farmers Market and using Local Food”


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July 18th, 2016


Today Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett had the wonderful opportunity to sit with Vickey Brown of the Comox Valley Farmers Market, Sue Smith formerly of Beyond the Kitchen Door and Chef/President Leslie Stav of North Vancouver Island Chef’s Assosciation. In a lively discussion about the direction and future of Comox Valley Farmers Markets, we discuss the growth and continued trends towards supporting (and eating) local and the connection between our local Chefs and the Market.



A little extra reading if you’re interested:

The Farmers Market Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Fresh, Local, Seasonal Produce

Locavore’s Handbook: The Busy Person’s Guide To Eating Local On A Budget

The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating

Episode 42-Helen Grond of Middle Mountain Mead

Helen Grond contacted us a few weeks ago to let us know she was appreciating the podcast, and offer some words of encouragement. She revealed that, with her husband, they own and operate Middle Mountain Mead on Hornby Island. Along with being a local farmer and producer, Helen has also been living the Paleo lifestyle for five years and belongs to a Paleo inspired group on the island. It was a great conversation with someone who is very educated about the issues of our present day food systems and wishes to help others to create food security in their own lives. Thanks Helen, it was great to meet you!
What is mead? An alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water also known as “honey wine”. Mead is humankind’s oldest fermented beverage (from before 8,000BC, possibly as far back as 30,000BC. Mead is found on every continent except Antarctica. It originated independently in diverse cultures including Egyptian, Celtic, Indian, African and Scandinavian. The word “medicine” is derived from “metheglin”, the name for herb-infused mead.
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Episode 39- Clever Crow Sea Salts and Fine Herbs

clever crow

Brian McCormick joins us for another visit, along with his wife Lia, to explore their new enterprise, Clever Crow Hand-harvested Sea Salt, Herbs, and Spices. Clever Crow after months of experimenting have a recipe for success to make wonderful salt, from sea water harvested straight from the Strait of Georgia. Lia and Brian created several blended salts including: Citrus: with Lemons and Limes zest ,dried, and add it to the pure sea salt, Rosemary: from their garden is air dried, coarsely ground, and added to the pure sea salt, Spicy Chili: Hot red peppers that we grow in their greenhouse are dried, ground, and added, Red Wine: Currently They are using a French red wine of medium body. Sea Veg: They use only Canadian seaweed for this salt. It is a blend of wakame, dulse, sea lettuce, and nori which is added to the pure sea salt. Smoked: Pure sea salt is put into their smoker for 6-7 hours with our secret blend of wood until it reaches a pleasing color, aroma, and amazing smoky flavour. And from time to time we will introduce new flavours of sea salt when summer produce comes into season. They are very proud of their product and  love the clean, pure taste and crunch of the ‘fleur de sel’ style crystals.

They are also doing a small scale market garden on a farm in Dove Creek where they are growing herbs and other vegetables that they sell, along with the salt, at the Comox Valley Farmers Market. One of there big hits is their Herbs de Comox Valley a huge success in the Edible Valley test kitchen.


They also have a great Caesar rimmer mix a must try for your summer beverages!


For more information check them out on face book @ CleaverCrowHerdsSeaSalts

Thanks Brian and Lia for sharing with us.

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Episode 35- Dyan Spink from Royston Roasting Company

ImageCoffee is defined as; A hot drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub. But there is much more to this wonderful beverage. Much to the dismay of our former producer Drex, we finally had the coffee lady in! Dyan Spink of Royston Roasting Company was able to join us in the studio to talk about there new cafe, the business of coffee, fair trade and other interesting bits of the coffee trade. With her husband Gary they have built a hugely successful business supporting local charity and fundraisers, as well as giving locals their morning buzz! Thanks Dyan!

For more information about Royston Roasting Company check out there web site at http://www.bccoffee.ca

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Episode 26: Prontissima Pasta and Call of the Wild Seafood


A chance encounter this week by Jon and Sarah Walsh of Prontissimo Pasta at Atlas Cafe this past weekend resulted in the news that Prontissimo Pasta was re-opening after a four month hiatus. Sarah is welcoming Julie Edwards who is bringing wonderful central coast seafood to our market, via N’usi Seafood of Bella Bella. The bringing together of pasta and seafood is an easy, one stop shop for a quick dinner or a gourmet party meal for however many you can feed. Prontissimo will be scaling back some flavours and pasta shapes, and will still offer some of their proven favorites, as well as gourmet olive oils and Parmesan cheese. Call of the Wild will be offering frozen dungenese crab, shrimp, salmon and Julie hopes to bring in other gifts of the sea, such as sea cucumber and possibly dried seaweed. This is an exciting collaboration for our food community, bringing an familiar product back to the market and a new face to the scene. Stop by the location in Tin Town this Saturday from 10 until 5 at 2384 Unit C Rosewall Crescent in Courtenay. Sarah and Julie will be offering samples as well as specials on frozen crab. I might just have to show up and pick up a box!

This week in the Edible Valley Test Kitchen was a collaboration between chef and hunter. Blayne supplied some venison meat for Jon to create a delicious goulash. He added some dumplings and steamed broccoli. Goulash is a perfect meal for this time of year. Comforting and hearty


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Episode 15: Tannadice Farms and Primal Girl

This week we had a great opportunity for two guests. The episode runs longer a little longer than we usually shoot for, but it is full of good information.


Allen McWilliam from Tannadice Farm has been farming in the Comox Valley since 1974. He and his wife moved here and began their farm on 15 acres in Dove Creek and now they have become the biggest pork producer on Vancouver Island. The farm has grown to 105 acres, and also includes grass fed Black Angus beef and pastured poultry. Tannadice has the highest standards for the health of the pigs, keeping the herd healthy so they rarely need medications. Find Tannadice products at Butchers Block and Edible Island in Courtenay and Seeds in Cumberland. Thanks Allen, you are a doing things the right way and the Valley is lucky to have you.


Tara Grant is Primal Girl. This San Francisco CA based blogger has been writing about her un-successful results with western medicine and journey into the Primal lifestyle, along the way losing over 100 pounds and healing herself of many illnesses that conventional doctors couldn’t. Her and Blayne connected on Twitter and by chance she happened to be in Comox for a few weeks. A coffee meeting yesterday resulted in her appearance on Edible Valley. She loves the area and is jealous of the amount of varied and vibrant agriculture and fabulous restaurants. Tara you are welcome back to the podcast anytime, and we look forward to taking you oyster picking when you come back in the winter. If you are interested in Primal/Paleo read Tara’s blog for great information on the movement.

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